Surface Carpark Construction, Holt, Norfolk

Holt, Norfolk

Surface Carpark and associated street works on Church Street in the centre of the historic Georgian market town of Holt, Norfolk.

Working on behalf of Gresham’s Enterprises Limited the brief was to form a pay and display carpark on former grass land adjacent to the prep school’s sports field. Given the shared access to site with the pre and prep schools it was important to be complete for the returning children at the start of the new academic year in September 2017.

The design was for an eco grid type build up which uses a permeable sub base to support a 100% recycled high density polyethylene grid system filled with angular stone. This provides a durable and robust wearing course whilst allowing rain water to drain directly to the subsoils below.

Project Information
Project Duration
9 weeks
Project Value
Key Challenges

Tree Protection; The access to site was through a significant number of protected trees. Therefore the first operation was to establish Construction Exclusion Zones in line with the arboricultural report. Part of the carpark also required "no dig construction" as it fell within a tree protection zone. A Cell Web system was utilised to protect the roots from excessive ground pressures.

Conservation area; The street works had to best match the existing conservation kerbs, slabs and street signage so careful consideration was given to the choice of materials with approval of the local highways department. The existing church wall had to be carefully protected during construction so compaction plant was closely monitored and protections zones established to limit access.

Town centre, shared access; Along with delivery restriction times a full time trained banksman ensured all lorry movements were carefully controlled from the link road in Holt Town centre along the relatively narrow Church Road and into the site.